Hitech Concrete Solutions Chennai Pvt. Ltd.,
64, Galaxy Road, Ponniyamman Nagar,
Chennai- 600 095.
Phone: +91 442653 0060/6458 9944
Mobile: +91 99404 55530
Fax: +91 442653 0060
e-mail: enquiry@hitechconcrete.in

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The Laboratories are well equiped with efficient equipments, chemicals and sure in top quality.
> Cement Lab
> Chemical Lab
> Concrete Lab
> Non Destructive and Partially Destructive Testing
To be a leading laboratory for testing construction materials and to offer ethical concrete solutions to the various quality issues of the construction industry through Non Destructive Testing.

Hitech Concrete Solutions Chennai Pvt. Ltd’s aim is to achieve total customer satisfaction through excellence in quality services that cater to the needs of the customer.
The company will strive for continual improvement by interacting with customers to understand their needs and match it with emerging technologies.