The company owns a full-fledged office and a well-equipped Concrete Testing Laboratory at Ayanambakkam, Chennai and has its corporate office at 100 Feet Road, Vadapalani, Chennai.
.Providing the construction industry with economical and durable concrete design mixes including special concretes like Self Compacting Concrete, Fly ash and Slag concretes and Temperature controlled concrete
.Providing the construction industry with appropriate solutions with proper design to any issues arising out of concrete quality through in-situ and laboratory testing
.Providing training to the site engineers in the areas of Concrete Technology and Water proofing
.Organizing training programmes and conducting specialized courses for the dissemination of knowledge in the field of civil engineering for the benefit of field engineers in the construction industry
.Giving access to the various facilities available in the in-house laboratory to the students of the various educational institutions and universities who are pursuing their research in the ield of civil and structural engineering in the area of concrete technology
The Laboratories are well equiped with efficient equipments, chemicals and sure in top quality.
> Cement Lab
> Chemical Lab
> Concrete Lab
> Non Destructive and Partially Destructive Testing
Tests on Construction Materials

Laboratory Tests on Construction Materials as per relevant Indian Standards.
Tension test on rebar
Chemical test on Rebar

Laboratory Tests on Concrete:
Cube test
Accelerated cube test (ACT)
Rapid Chloride test (RCPT)
Water Permeability test (WPT)
Concrete Mix Design
High performance concrete with fly ash, slag and silica fume
Self compacting concrete
Temperature controlled concrete
  Field Tests on Concrete:  
Pile integrity test
Rebound hammer test
Ultrasonic pulse velocity test
Half cell potential test
Profometer test
Carbonation test
Chloride test
Core test
Pull out test